My current work is made up of strong colors and shapes, animals, beasts, men and women, often struggling with each other. There is a strong sense of pattern and a primitiveness that gives the work an innocent look. There is also a decorative sense to it. Even the sides of the canvas are painted with designs used on the main body of the painting.

I want to make the work approachable. To give the viewer a chance to study the ‘action’ of the painting: the narrative told by the forms, the color bands, even the words that I sometimes use in the painting.

The stories that my work tell are often unexpected, even to me. I start with an idea, but new forms are added on, insinuate themselves into the painting. And then they take on a life of their own.

In that innocent colorful little world, there are battles going on.

My paintings now evolve in much the same way: I start with a drawing, an idea but new images are added, as needed, to tell the story that emerges from the painting. I am always surprised at the worlds that appear on my canvas. Sometimes I am stuck in a morase of mismatched colors and patterns. Then another day I will look at the work and see the path that brings the painting to life. I'm amused at times at where this path leads me. It is so often unexpected, laughable yet sad at the same time.